Key Stage 4 Pathways

During Year 9 our students, together with guidance from home and school, make their choices about their Key Stage 4 pathways.  The Key Stage 4 Pathways booklets below give an overview of the range of courses available.

2019 - 2021 Pathways: Current Year 11

2020 - 2022 Pathways: Current Year 10


Year 9 Pathways Information (2021 -2023)

Please see the video below to find out more about our KS4 curriculum offer and details of how to complete the pathways preference form.

Year 9 Pathways Information - please watch this video presentation before completing the preference form


KS4 Pathways Booklet - find out more about the subjects offered and the pathways process by clicking this link 


Please click on the links below to view the course details for the subjects available in our 2021-2023 key stage 4 curriculum offer.


Please visit our Careers page to find more information about future pathways which will help to support the decisions made at KS4.


Core Subjects

 English              Maths             Science

 CorePE2             Curriculum Enrichment 2

Optional Subjects

art             Business Studies2              computer science2

Construction            Creative iMedia               Design & Technology

Food Preparation & Nutrition              French              Geography

Health & Social Care              History            Music3

 Performing Arts 2               Photography               GCSE PE

RS                Separate Science                Sport Studies

Travel & Tourism