Exams and Study Skills

Please see the exam details for each year group below.  You can also access useful documents and revision materials to support you with helping your child to develop their study skills.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any support or have any queries.

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Upcoming Exams and Information                

Year 9                                                                                                      

Year 9 Exam Letter November 2022                                            

Year 9 Exam Timetable November 2022

Year 9 Revision Support - Foundation Subjects

Year 10

Year 10 Exam Letter May 2023

Year 10 Exam Timetable June 2023

Year 10 Revision Support May 2023

Year 11

Year 11 Exams Letter January 2023

Year 11 Exam Timetable January 2023

Year 11 Revision Support January 2023 

Prepare to Succeed - Exam and Revision Support

Support for Parents/Carers

Please follow the links below to access information to support with revision and preparing for exams.

Parents' guide to using the Personal Learning Checklist (PLC)

Personal Learning Checklist - Maths

What is Seneca Learning? A guide for parents

Support for Students

Student Guide to Seneca Learning

Student Guide to Seneca Learning - Part 2 Studying Courses

Coping with Exam Stress

Revision Support

Year 11 Exam Tips (all subjects) 2022-2023

Year 11 Revision Support (all subjects) 2022-2023

Subject Specific Revision Support

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English   Food   French   Geography   Health & Social   History

iMedia   Maths   Music   PE   Performing Arts   Photography

Physics   RE   Science   Sport   Travel & Tourism