Literacy is the combination of reading, writing and speaking & listening skills which enhance our learning experience and enable us to fulfil our true potential. Having a broad range of literacy skills allows us to express our thoughts, to process information and to solve problems in everyday life.

The Orme Academy promotes literacy as a fundamental principle of improving learning and teaching for all learners across both key stages. It enables students to be able to access the curriculum but also to promote a love of reading for pleasure. library

(The Academy Library)

Reading Culture at The Orme Academy


The Orme Academy is proud of the changes being made to promote a purposeful reading culture. We understand that we are all teachers of reading and therefore recognise that the emphasis on disciplinary literacy ensures that every teacher communicates their subject through academic language.

Reading for pleasure benefits a child’s education and raises aspirations, delivers challenges and promotes first hand enjoyment. 

Both teaching and support staff take every opportunity to read with our students. OSCAR - Our School Cares About Reading enables all subject areas to engage with focused reading opportunities. Library lessons using SPARX reader, extreme reading challenges, poetry workshops, paired reading buddies are all led with a clear focus in mind - to foster a love of reading for all students at The Orme Academy.  

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