Reading Lessons

Key Stage 3 & 4 engage in a reading lesson once a fortnight in The Orme Academy library. They each have a SPARX log in account which can be accessed at school or from home. Students firstly take an on-line comprehension test to generate a list of possible reads to choose from. As students engage in their chosen book, they are expected to complete short comprehension task at various intervals about what they have read. The focus is on accuracy and understanding rather than just the mechanics of reading. Alongside this, as a part of English Mastery at KS3, students also enjoy a whole class text.


Students are awarded with SRP (Sparx Reading Points) which looks at how many words they have read alongside accuracy. Teacher live-monitor progress and support the students in real time.

Homework is set on SPARX which sets personalised targets for each student to complete a set amount of reading each week.

Students can be awarded a ‘Gold Reader’ card which gives them the option to transfer to a hard copy of a particular book of their choice.


Students who read frequently are given both OSCAR points on Talaxy and/or SRP to celebrate their reading progress. This also generates a praise letter home informing the parent/carer that they have consistently being active in reading out loud in several subject areas.


ACE readers are those that volunteer to read out loud in their lessons. This can be a piece of extended text or as little as reading the engagement task to the rest of the class. Reading aloud helps students to develop literacy skills as well as building confidence.

Benefits of reading out loud:

o   Development of vocabulary.

o   Improvement in comprehension and active listening.

o   Reduces stress and improves well-being.

o   Strengthens fluency and accuracy of reading.