Whole School Literacy



 To promote a whole school love of reading.  

To encourage us all to be 'teachers of reading.’ 

To enable departments to include extended reading tasks in their subject area.

To continue to encourage students to read out loud in all lessons. 

Subject specific extended reading time planned by the department.

All departments have a window of opportunity to showcase in lessons.


ACE readers

Students are recognised for reading out loud in their lessons and are awarded OSCAR points on TALAXY.

Prizes include - Chocolate goody bags, reading books, Amazon vouchers, stationary and much more to celebrate student engagement.

Students who show commitment to reading out loud across several lessons also receive a praise letter home to inform parents & carers of their achievement.



Form Time Literacy

BookBuzz – Year 7 & 8

Bookbuzz is a reading programme from BookTrust that aims to help schools inspire a love of reading.

When students arrive in year 7, they are given the opportunity to choose their own book from a list of 16 titles during their library induction session. This is read in form time and taken home to continue reading. Books are carefully selected by a panel of experts to ensure quality, suitability and to encourage reading for pleasure.


On a weekly basis, form time literacy tasks are delivered to each year group to improve vocabulary instruction and reading fluency. The focus is on retrieval of language and skimming the text for relevant information. Form tutors check for understanding and use the current topic as a basis for meaningful discussions.


Reading Events

Students are given whole school literacy opportunities to further explore their love for reading. From reading marathons to ‘buddy up’ time in form time, students are encouraged to read for pleasure at every opportunity.

Some of our ACE readers were set a challenge to complete as many ‘short reads’ in a day.

Every hour, they were based at different reading stations around the school to promote their favourite books to other students in their year group. A fantastic achievement!



World Book Day

Departments across the school deliver both fun and educational activities for World Book Day. From making bookmarks in ICT promoting their favourite reads to exploring how to write a six-story competition in English.



Reading Together

Parents & Carers are invited to come into school to read with their child.

This is a valuable opportunity to hear your child read in a quiet environment without any day-to-day distractions. Students can choose an age-related text from the library to take home to continue reading together with a family member.