Ethos and Values Statement

 The Orme Academy Ethos and Values

“Empowering Learners for Life”

As a school community, we are all extremely proud and privileged to work at The Orme Academy. Our sole ethos for the school community is ‘Empowering Learners for Life’. Whilst we value the importance of ensuring that every student makes excellent progress, this concept stretches well beyond academic performance. We firmly believe that every aspect of school should equip learners with the knowledge, skills and cultural capital to be successful in all areas of their lives, both now and for their future.

‘Empowering Learners for Life’ is encapsulated within the ACE philosophy for learning as set out below:

ASPIRATION – aspire to be the best you can be and get the best out of life.

CHALLENGE – be resilient when things are difficult, work hard, welcome new experiences and engage in learning.

ENJOYMENT – enjoy all aspects of school and build positive relationships.

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