Careers Information for Parents/Carers

A Parent/Carer’s Guide – What do you need to know?  

As a parent/carer, you are incredibly influential when it comes to the decisions your child makes in all areas of their lives and that is especially true when it comes to their education and careers. We know that the choices which are open to your child today may be very different from when you were in their position and you may feel as if you’re unsure about what advice to offer. With that in mind, we want to try and make it as easy as possible for you to talk to your child about their options confidently; knowing that the information you have is as accurate and as up to date as possible.

You don’t need to become a qualified careers adviser to be able to offer your child advice and support with their education and career decisions. The most important thing you can offer is the knowledge of where to find the right information, so you can do the research into their options together.  The information and links shared on this page will help to support you and your child with making those all important decisions.  

Please visit the Post 16 PathwaysLabour Market Information and Careers Research pages to find out more about the opportunities available beyond Year 11 at The Orme Academy.  In addition to these, please find specific resources designed to support parents and carers below.

Careers Resources

Useful documents sharing the latest careers related information.

Parents' Guide to Careers (NCW 2021) provides an overview into the different pathways and opportunities available.

Higher Horizons - Parents/Carers explains all the facts about higher education and debunks some of the common myths about university.  Everything you need to know, relating to pathways to university studies, applications, accommodation and student finance.

Please see the Ebacc DfE guide for parents and carers to find out more about this pathway and future progressions.  

Please view the specialist Parents’ Packs, filled with the latest advice and guidance, supported by the National Apprenticeship Service: