Home - Academy Agreement

The Home/Academy Agreement is a document issued to all students/parents when they join the Academy.  The document states the commitment the Academy makes to its students.  It also details the Academy’s expectations of its parents and students in making sure all students are successful.

To download a copy of the Home-Academy Agreement, click here.

The Academy

The Orme Academy will make every effort to:

  • provide a safe and orderly environment in which students can learn, feel secure and valued as individuals;
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • encourage all students to do their best and to have a pride in achievement;
  • deal with students’ and parents’ concerns as promptly as possible;
  • contact parents if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality or Academy uniform;
  • communicate with parents about any concerns with regard to their child’s work or behaviour;
  • inform parents of their child’s progress regularly through meetings and a termly report;
  • set and monitor independent learning regularly;
  • keep parents informed about Academy activities through regular emails home, newsletters and Social Media.


I will make every effort to:

  • attend school regularly and on time;
  • work hard and achieve my best both in classwork and independent learning;
  • show respect for other people, their property and opinions;
  • wear the Academy uniform and be tidy in appearance;
  • prepare for school each day and bring all necessary equipment;
  • take pride in the Academy site, keeping it free from litter and graffiti;
  • maintain the Academy’s good reputation at all times.


I/we will make every effort to:

  • see that my child goes to school regularly, on time, properly equipped and in correct Academy uniform;
  • let the Academy know about any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour;
  • support the Academy’s policies and rules;
  • provide conditions that support my child with independent learning and take an interest in the work my child does and encourage high personal standards.

Please note: mobile phones are not permitted to be used in the Academy. Any student seen with a mobile phone on site will have it confiscated and a call made home to collect. Any mobile phones brought into Academy are done so at your own risk.