How to contact the Academy

Please click here to access a summary of how parents and the school can communicate effectively.  It must be noted that we have over 750 students and 80 staff and therefore there are clear structures in place.  These layers allow for accurate responses to queries/concerns.  The systems also allow for progressive responses should they be needed to help support the query. 

We expect parents/carers to treat staff with respect.  Aggressive or intimidating language or behaviours will not be tolerated.  Parents/carers should also understand that an immediate response may not be possible.  Unannounced visits to school are not advised, as it is highly unlikely the member of staff needed will be free due to their commitments in school (e.g. teaching) – meetings can be booked with the relevant member of staff.

The Academy is committed to doing its best for the students.  You may not always agree with a decision or policy, but if you choose to have your child at The Orme Academy, then the decisions and policies will need to be accepted and followed.  We are human; we will make mistakes at times; we will listen to feedback.  Social media discussions about the school or your query will not get it sorted out - contact the school and work constructively with us. 

You are welcome to contact us any time about your child’s progress.  There are formal reports and Parents’ Evenings during the year, but please do not wait for these if you want to know anything about how your child is progressing.

A list of staff and roles can be found by clicking here.