School day

The school day with effect from 1st September 2024 is as follows:

 times of the day 2024-25

The school week is 32 hours and 30 minutes in total.

Lessons will start promptly at 8:40am, but students need to enter the building from 8.30am.   Students will be able to access the Academy site from the main student entrance on Milehouse Lane, or the rear entrance on Sparch Hollow. These gates will be open from 8:15am and students will be allowed access to the Academy building from 8:30am. Please ensure that your child has a coat and umbrella with them in wet and cold weather if they are waiting outside earlier than 8:30am.   

A breakfast club facility is available 8.00 – 8.30am.  This supervised provision is only for students that would like to buy some food or drink.  Students can access the Café via the Sparch Hollow gate only from 8am and access the Café through the outside doors.


Key questions about the school day:

What are Learning Sessions?

There are 3 learning sessions each day.  A learning session is either 110 minutes or 55 minutes and this is where students are taught the majority of the curriculum.  Students across the week will have both the 110 minute learning sessions and 55 minute learning sessions.


What is the Wednesday CPD?

The Academy is committed to giving the time to staff to develop.  On a Wednesday, students leave at 2:30pm.  Staff CPD commences 2:35 – 4:35pm, giving the opportunity for 2 hours of quality, bespoke CPD time.  This is only scheduled meeting slot of the week for teaching staff.  After school events such as parents’ evenings are built into this day too.